No Time for Messi ~ at least not in the U.S.

Last week a newspaper reporter visited the 5th grade at our children’s school and talked with them about writing feature articles.  Now, the students are working on writing their own feature articles.  JMan decided to write an article about Messi.  You may ask, who is Messi?

JMan would answer…Messi, you know, MESSI!  To him, it is preposterous to think that anyone would have not heard of Messi.  For those of you who may be adopting an older boy from Colombia, Messi is a household name there.

Which is why, when I posted this picture of JMan playing soccer, his best friend in Colombia (yes, I’m friends on Facebook with an 11 year old boy who lives in Medellin, Colombia)  commented, “Miro Messi” or “watch Messi”.  JMan knew right a way that this was a big compliment from a good friend.

So, who is Messi?  Leo Messi is from Argentina and plays futbol (aka soccer) for Barcelona.  He is arguably the best player in the world.  Some say the best player ever.  Search on youtube for Messi’s greatest goals (one of JMan’s favorite pastimes) and you will see why.  Leo Messi is in a word, amazing!

That is why, as JMan discovered in his searching, that Leo Messi was going to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine (the first soccer player ever on its cover).  I told JMan I would go to the bookstore today to make sure I got a copy for him.  Here is the cover I was looking for…

I scanned the shelves where I thought it should be but wasn’t seeing it.  I looked and looked some more and finally, there it was, Time Magazine…

Apparently, JMan had missed the fine print which stated that Messi was going to be on the cover of Time Magazine everywhere it is sold but North America.  It seems that Time thought this cover would sell better in the U.S.  It’s unfortunate that Time didn’t take this opportunity to expose Americans (at least those who have never heard of Messi) to a man much of the world considers to be one of the greatest athletes of all times.  Plus, bummer for our boy who was looking forward to seeing Messi on the cover.